Wednesday, September 30, 2009

They Came from the North!

Legend has it that there are still remnants of barbaric Norse Dwarf Clans that still survive on the North Eastern part of Norsca. While most believed they were wiped out by the onslaught of marauding armies of Chaos or surrendered to the way of Chaos itself, worshiping an evil, ancient God.

Yet, there has been rumors of far traveling merchants, Empire patrols or even far roaming Dwarfs looking for the next big vein coming upon large battlefields, only several days old of the followers of Chaos where ambushed and utterly destroyed. While looking around they see no bodies of the fallen opposing army, but every once in a great while they find a finely crafted axe head or mace, that can only be Dwarfen made!

Is it true? Are there still Norse Dwarfs roaming these wild countrysides still fighting to this day to stave off the everpresence of the hordes of Chaos? Get ready, they are still here! They are mad as hell itself!

Word reached Thorgim Wolfbane of a city in the Empire lands being tainted with the curse of Chaos. A huge star fell from the heavens utterly wiping this place from the map! Strange stones were being reported of coming from this start warping everything it touches. This cannot be stood for. For over four centuries High Thane Wolfbane has led the ShadowWolf Clan upon countless raids to thwart the tide of chaos, and he'll be damned if he lets Chaos gain a foothold to the south for his clan to be surrounded on all sides.

High Thane Wolfbane has sent word to neighboring fortresses across the lands of his Clan and called upon thier bravest warriors, runesmiths, and rangers to assemble to him and they will purge the stench of chaos from the Mordheim forever! No matter who gets in thier way, even thier Dwarfen Cousins, Chaos will be purged!


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